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SCOTTISH HIGHLAND BEEF FOR SALE Toronto and surrounding areas. 


LifeSpring Farms (Beyond-Organic) Highland Beef ~ Tel. 705-878-3363

100% Grass-fed Scottish Highland Ground Beef. See some of our farms practices on the bottom of page. Our Highlands are the most efficient foragers and browsers, because they eat grass, bush, trees, herbs, wild roots and vegetables etc. This maintains a truly organic method of animal and pasture management. 

OUR HIGHLAND BEEF is 100% Grass-fed Scottish Highland Ground Beef. No fillers, very lean, and in 1 pound packages. Our BEEF is not full of hormones, drugs, antibiotics, nitrites, or chemicals. Many people who have problems eating other red meats, often times can eat our Highland beef without any problems.
The North American Heart Assoc. states that Scottish Highland beef is the healthiest beef in every way. Their meat is genetically, and significantly, leaner than other beef because Scottish Highland Cattle do not have to store fat to keep warm in the winters. Highlands, keep insulated by their thick, shaggy long hair rather than growing and holding onto subcutaneous fat to keep them warm!

'Most cattle develop a thick layer of this subcutaneous fat to stay warm but these animals store their fat as "marbling" throughout the meat. This gives the beef a distinctive quality---lean, yet exceptionally juicy, flavorful, and tender.' The Scottish Highland Association.

LifeSpring Farms Highland beef is low in fat and cholesterol, and is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Our Highland beef does not contain drugs, hormones or any chemicals. With our Highland beef you get what you pay for … 100% pure, wholesome, tasty nutrition! 

COMPARISON of our Highland beef and other beef breeds overall:  

*We are selling our LEAN GROUND BEEF at this time for $4.95 per pound.
This is an incredible price for organic, free range, GROUND BEEF. This is NOT, hamburger, which is another name for beef that has fillers and other things added! This is 100% HIGHLAND GROUND BEEF!

*We are taking orders with deposit only. Your order can be picked up, at our farm, in the Kawartha Lakes area, or at our stop in Toronto, at 'The Center for Social Innovation' #1 on Spadina  or #2 on Bathurst. 

*Please e-mail or call us for your order:
or call 705-878-3363.
(Also available are nutritious and excellent tasting Free Range Eggs and Beyond-Organic produce!)  
*Because we have limited freezer space available at this time, we will be taking orders with deposit only. The beef will therefore be entirely fresh at pick up or delivery.


THE SCOTTISH HIGHLAND is an ancient breed of cattle originating in Scotland. Unlike the newer 'man-made' breeds of cattle selected to grow fast on grain or single plant, highly chemicalized and fertilized pastures. Highlands thrive as grazers on wild pastures. They are renowned for their thick hairy coat that enables them to stay warm and dry even in cold and wet weather. 

One of our concerns as a Canadian farmer is the increase in the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, hormone growth implants in animals and feeding cattle with grain-based diets to fatten the animals, which contain antibiotics as well as genetically modified material. We do not engage in any of these toxic practices on our farm. 

Our Highlands are raised in a natural, quiet, and calm environment with organic wild herbs, plants, grasses, bush, trees and vegetables to graze on. We follow organic, bio-dynamic, and some permaculture practices. 
We have recently discovered that Highlands were initially raised for Royalty consumption only, many years ago. No commoners were ever permitted to feast on Highland meat.  

Clients are invited to give this lean, healthy, ground beef a try. We also have, roasts, steaks and other cuts available in limited quantities. 

Our customers often ask us, "Why are your prices so reasonable?" There is no "middle person." in our business. Not only do we sell the meat, but we also raise the animals here on our farm. This allows us to maintain the high quality products you expect, at a fair price. 

Client #1: "I have been a client of LifeSpring (Beyond-Organic) Farm, and their products for several years now. It is their dedication to their product that has me returning again and again, and their pricing is amazing! " Miriam, Toronto.

Client #2: "LifeSprings Beef is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol. It tastes great! This is the best beef you have ever tasted! The meat is full of flavor and very tender. You don't need to spice it up with a lot of extras or sauces. LifeSpring beef will make any recipe better, and tastes great!." Carol, Oshawa. 
Client #3: "It's not greasy! The flavor in typical meat is in the fat, but so are the calories, cholesterol and unhealthy saturated fats! With other meats, you trim off the fat (which you paid for) and try to cook or drain it off. But LifeSpring Highland meat is SO tasty, without all that fat!" Kate, Port Perry. 

Basic Cooking Tips 

The lack of fat insures that Highland beef will cook faster. On typical meat, fat acts as an insulator so the heat must first penetrate this insulation before the cooking process begins, hence the longer cooking times. Some caution should be taken to insure that you don't overcook Highland beef. 

A Few Basic Tips: 

Roasts - When cooking the Highland roast, no browning is necessary. Start your roast (either in the crock pot or covered in the oven) at about 350 degrees. When hot, lower temp to about 275. For a 2-3 pound roast, just leave it for about 6-8 hours. Any liquid will do. Season with garlic cloves, a meat rub or any other of your favorite spices. If meat is not tender, it has not cooked long enough, or you have overcooked.

Ground Highland Burger - Ground Highland beef is also leaner (ranging from 85-96% lean) so when grilling or pan frying a burger - place it on medium heat - and cover. Allow the burger to do its cooking on one side. Don't poke, smash or continually flip the burger because you want to maintain all of the moisture and fat in the meat. When burger appears mostly cooked - flip one time and in 30-45 seconds it should be ready to serve. You might find that using a meat thermometer is helpful when first cooking the burger. It should reach 160 degrees internal temp. 

Steaks - For good cooking, start with a preheated grill or skillet. Apply immediate high heat to the steak to add flavor and seal in juices. Finish slowly over low heat making sure not to overcook. Use long handled tongs to turn the steaks---a fork will pierce the meat and allow the flavorful juices to escape. Avoid using salt before cooking as it tends to pull the moisture out of the meat. 


This is what beef should taste like!  (Highland Beef Tenderloin) "You don't know what you're missing unless you try it, and I'm I glad I did. I'd far rather buy something local, that makes sense for my family's health and well being than the typical toxic meats on the markets today." K.H. Toronto. 

The Best! "This is better tasting, and better looking beef than what I was buying at the local butcher shop!" Janet M., Toronto. 

Tastier and Leaner than Regular Beef: "This was our first time trying LifeSpring Farm’s Beef.  It's really lean with an excellent flavor, and you can really tell the difference from LifeSpring beef and the other beef on the market. We will be ordering this again!"  Paula, Bowmanville. 

Outstanding Beef! "I decided to give LifeSpring Farms beef a try. Never again will I have to drain the fat from my beef when I make all my recipes using meat, this meat is so lean and tender! I have even added olive oil in some dishes. I now exclusively use LifeSpring Farms Highland beef! A big plus is the PRICE, packaging, and the sizes, make planning meals a snap!" T.H., Toronto. 

LifeSpring Highland Beef, 100% Grass-fed Highland Beyond-Organic Beef E-mail or call us for your order:; Tel. 705-878-3363. 

Our Philosophy at LifeSpring 

Beyond Organic is: 
-using our own manure from cows, horses, chickens and worms 
-foliar spraying with sea minerals, kelp, custom blends, compost teas, EM and other effective micro-organisms 
-using structured water for plants and animals and our own glacial fed spring water originating on our land
-colloidal silver and gold only when needed, in the place of antibiotics
-researching and using ormus energy 
-following organic, biodynamic, and permaculture practices
-incorporating the work of Reams including BRIX reading and PH testing
-using radionics wherever possible
-dowsing, research, and using, subtle positive energy devices
-sonic growing methods tested